Workshops & Consulting

Why consult about relationships?

Because schools are relational organisms.  Relationships are part of the core business of education and the quality of the relationships directly determines outcomes.

When thinking about outcomes in schools we regularly measure and use data to inform us regarding learning but we don’t always think to do the same with relationships.

Relationships in schools have a significant impact on all involved.  Current research has established that a safe and supportive environment is essential for learning.  It is also essential for a happy workplace.  Relationships have an impact on adults regarding–

  • Job satisfaction
  • Communication across the workplace
  • Engagement and participation
  • Wellbeing

Relationships have an impact on young people regarding –

  • Engagement and participation
  • Safety
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing

When relationships are disorganised or dysfunctional everyone is affected.  Relationship dysfunction can be from historical events or recent trauma.  Relationships can break down when there is punitive or authoritarian thinking or if there is too much change or stress.   Whether the problem is short or long term, poor relationships have a significant impact.

How can Relationships @ School Consulting support your school?

School Leadership Support

  • Analysis of Relational Culture in school
  • Analysis of change readiness
  • Strategic and action planning
  • Reflection and mentoring

Key Teacher Support

  • Building key teacher skills
  • Training
  • Demonstration
  • Feedback

 School Community Restoration

  • Relationship repair and building
  • Restorative meetings – repair circles.


Plan a systemic approach to build structure and support for

  • Relationships
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Wellbeing

Sue will work with your leadership team to analyse existing systems and to plan in response to your unique community needs. Consulting can include planning, advice, demonstration, training, feedback and support.