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Circle Workshop

Improve learning outcomes and staff wellbeing with classrooms that are peaceful and resilient. Circle skills are powerful and transformative. This workshop has been used by a range of schools to guide staff to integrate relational practices in a rapid and engaging way. 


Restorative Skills

Bring more time and energy to your campus with a unified relational strategy. We customise this workshop in consultation with your admin team to help staff integrate deep relational practices with your unique educational aims and programs.


Your Consultant

I am passionate about working with school communities to assist the children in our care to build a happy life. I believe that to assist children to engage with school life we need to provide a strong Social and Emotionally safe environment and the skills for everyone to enjoy rich relationships.



There are many websites, publications and practitioners who can help you access support and information to implement restorative approaches at your school. Peruse recommended books on many issues relating to relational schools and check out some key websites to help you in your restorative journey.